Gluten-Free Eateries… Florida to Arkansas

Here is the list of gluten-free restaurants mentioned  this morning on Food Nation Radio Network.









  • Vitals specialty bakery and lifestyle cafe— gluten free, vegetarian and vegan functional foods

  • Stacy’s gluten free goodies

  • Fitlife Foods

Dade City

  • The Garden Cafe— not strictly gluten free



  • Ohana Cafe— not exclusively gluten free but majority of menu items claimed as gluten free


  • Island Gluten Free Bakery and cafe

  • Madfish Grill—- feature gluten free menu

  • Veggie Magic


  • Vertoris Pizza House— sells gluten free items in the Sarasota farmers market as well

Safety Harbor

  • Gluten Free Yummies— only delivery service as of now, but supposedly aiming for a sit-down restaurant


  • Izzy’s —features a gluten free menu, but not exclusively gluten free

**Bonefish Grill (both florida and Arkansas) features a gluten free menu


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