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What a Restaurant Review is and What it is Not

I was reading through my blog and I thought it would be a good idea to explain the difference between an actual review and my impressions on my blog.

A formal restaurant review requires at least 2 anonymous visits to an establishment and a wide selection of different offerings on the menu. Also, guidelines require that the reviewer wait at least 1 month before visiting a new restaurant. This gives the restaurant and staff time to work out the “kinks” and develop some synergy.
When I visit places in St. Pete, I like to give my thoughts on my experience to share with others if they are looking for a restaurant to try they may have passed by previously. Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor the expense account to do full reviews.
Only rarely will I ever write about a place you would not want to waste your time with, unless it is so egregious you need to be aware of it.
Thanks for all the great feedback, and I’m glad you are enjoying reading my blog. I will try to keep you entertained with timely recipes and other items of interest. Feel free to send me anything you would like to see posted, also.
Happy eating in St. Pete!

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