Upstairs Lounge at the Bishop Caters to a New Crowd

Walk upstairs to the new Bishop Lounge and you may think you are in a different building. The new Lounge is nothing like the 20- something Tavern downstairs. With freshly varnished floors, granite bars and reserved tables, it is obvious the concept is aimed at another demographic completely.

The VIP soft-opening last night was a veritable who’s who of St. Pete. It was fun just to do some people watching and take it all in.

The Bishop Lounge boasts live music from the 70s, 80s and 90s era. It was a welcome change from the music (most of which I don’t recognize) that plays downstairs. There were 2 balconies open to the outside, one is directly outside the back bar and the other is a few steps up. The outside wrought iron reminded me of some places I have visited in New Orleans.
The unisex bathrooms are worth mentioning, also. Next to the main bar is a short stairway to the restrooms. Each restroom is an individual, private bathroom. I think there were about 12 of them. There is an attendant standing at the front of them offering hairspray, mouthwash and the like. That feature was very Manhattan.
All in all, this is a place I would feel comfortable visiting again with my husband or my girlfriends.
To see and be seen, visit the new Bishop Lounge.


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