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Two More Places from the Pizza King, Our Guest Blogger

Villa Pizza

Countryside Mall

(Food Court)

Dunedin, FL


Stopped by the mall and grabbed a slice of pizza for the road.  I had a single slice of cheese pizza and was quite surprised by the quality.  The store was clean and the slice was big.  Pizza was thin and crispy and had a great flavor.  I could taste the egg in the dough which gave the pizza a great flavor.  I would say this was the best pizza I have ever had in a Mall and would definitely eat this again.

Sauce:   Perfect amount of sauce…could have used some herbs and spices but still great

Crust:    Crispy and nice flavor

Cheese: Was a nice flavor but think there is better to be had




Mike’s Pizza Station

13560 49th Street North

Clearwater, FL


Went for lunch and the place was packed!  All business people on lunch break and a line to the door.  Seemed to have a great staff, production line, and no stress! These guys are PROS and very friendly customer service.  I ordered 1 slice of Pepperoni and was up sold to the 2 slices and a drink for 5.00 but my total came to $6.95 (a little misleading but too busy to argue or embarrass myself for 2 dollars)  @ for $5.00 was just the pizza then I had to add the drink and toppings.  (Most places give 2 slices and drink for 5.00 standard).  So I accepted the “deal” and had lunch.  Big slices made me feel good about my value to dollar ratio but only 3 pepperonis per slice (Not a value)  Pizza was cooked right and was crispy but still doughy.  I could have eaten the second slice if it was appetizing but I did not enjoy the first slice.  End result, I threw the whole second slice away and ended my day.  The pizza was not bad, but it wasn’t good either so I believe the success of the place is location and customer service.


Sauce :  Bland, sweet

Crust :   Thin and crispy

Cheese: Good Cheese, High Quality, most of the flavor came from the cheese!


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