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My Guest Blogger – The Pizza Critic

Cesare’s of New York Pizza
2117 S. Dale Mabry Hwy
Tampa, Florida 33629
Was excited to try this pizza because it has a great reputation!  The walls are filled with awards and news clippings from 34 years of business.  There was 1 person in the pizza shop and the older lady.  I was ignored and treated as if I did not matter.  Once I got to order I ask for a slice of pepperoni pizza and it was pulled out of a cabinet with 1 other pizza (spinach) ?  Since 1 person was working at 5 clock and she had 1 1/2 pizzas ready I lost confidence in the success and quality of this restaurant.  1 little slice of Pepperoni was $4.00 and served in a brown paper bag.  I was shocked!  $4.00 and without a blink of the eye she took my money and and I was on my way.  The place was small and outdated but had charm….(history) and that makes it feel comfortable with all the old photos and pictures of athletes who had eaten there.  The menu is basic and expensive!  18″ Pizzas (limited variety) and limited Toppings….18″ White pizza from $23.00 – $40.00. By this time I was excited to eat my slice….it has to be great to charge this price so I dug in and what a disappointment!  an average pizza with a gourmet price!
Sauce:  Lacked Flavor, too salty
Crust:  Thin and crispy bottom, undercooked top
Cheese: Good cheese, nice flavor and perfect amount
I give Cesare’s of New York  (4)  SLICE RATING OVERALL

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