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Local Landmark Offers $10.05 Three – Course Dinner

No, this is not a typo. Local landmark and acclaimed restaurant, Salt Rock Grill is offering a three – course menu each day for $10.05 per person from 4 -5:30pm. You must be seated by 5:30 and order by 6pm.

If you are one of the few not familiar with Salt Rock owned by Chef Tom Prichard, it is a waterside restaurant in Indian Rocks Beach. You can arrive by boat and sit at the elegant bar outside or venture inside and be seated at the rustic, but very upscale tables overlooking the water. In the front of the restaurant sits the giant grill with cords of wood ready to be fired up.

I had a craving for Salt Rock, as I do occasionally, so I stopped by on Sunday afternoon. My friend and I ordered a glass of wine, and found out it was only $3 a glass for their house wines, which are not bad. Beer was available for $2 and well drinks for $3.I was even further surprised by the number of menu selections on their early dining menu (offered every day); twelve in fact. The meal began with crusty bread and herbed olive oil followed by a Caesar salad (you can also have a house salad). The day I visited, I ordered the Jumbo Lump Crabcake which was served with Aztec corn peppered with Nueske bacon. On the side was a Cajun remoulade and garlic mashed potatoes. It was excellent. For good measure, and because the meal was so inexpensive, I added on 3 Blue Point raw oysters and 3 from Prince Edward Island.
The oysters were briny and extremely fresh. There is nothing like a glistening, sweet oyster from either of these 2 areas. It was served with a slightly spicy cocktail sauce and fresh lemon.
My dining companion ordered the Salmon Croquette Oscar. It comes topped with hollandaise and blue crab and is served with grilled asparagus. It was a beautiful presentation, but I have to be honest, the salmon tasted a little off to me. Other diners were enjoying the sirloin steak and lamb chops, seeming very pleased. There is a glass case in the front of the restaurant showing off the steak and some seafood selections.
The server highly recommended the Duroc Pork Chop and the Lamb Chops. The pork chop is wood-fire grilled with ginger, pomegranate and other Asian influences. The lamb chops are also wood-fire grilled and both dishes are served with garlic mashed potatoes. I will have to venture back to try those.
For dessert (also included in the price), they brought us a chocolate mousse in a solid chocolate shell with a Pirouline cookie. It was a sweet contrast after a very savory meal.
Overall, I think there is something on this new, early menu to please everyone. To eat in a restaurant such as Salt Rock Grill for this price is definitely worth the trip.

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