Wednesday, July 15 2020

Under the categories of rumors and food news

The word is a local chef is opening a new, independent venture with a limited number of tables halfway between St. Petersburg and Tampa. This venture will allow the chef to use some higher-end ingredients in a smaller venue paired with the appropriate wines. I’m excited to see it pan out, and really looking forward to trying it.




Downtown in St. Petersburg, a new Italian restaurant has opened on the block near Orange Blossom Catering. It’s a small place, but I hear it packs some big flavors. We will see when I have the chance to try it.

Lagniappe Bistro near Williams Park is still not open. They now have the distinguished honor of having one of the oldest outstanding permits in St. Petersburg.

Another new restaurant (this is a big one) is slated to open on the first floor of the Bank of America tower in St. Petersburg. Rumor has it, it will be another upscale Italian, but we will wait and see what they come up with.

Messineo’s opened last night in the former Atlanta Bread Company space downtown to a happy, large crowd. Here are some pictures from that event:

Just some of the pasta they offer at Messineo’s. There is more around the other side of the display.

Some frozen seafood and cured meat selections… but wait until you see the fresh fish below.



Crab legs, smoked salmon, crawfish and cooked shrimp… and


A huge selection of fresh fish, mussels and clams. Plus…

One of my favorite chicken brands, Bell and Evans. Raised free-range and they are very tasty.

Check out these steaks. THAT’s what I’m talking about.


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