Tender corned beef? Yes, it’s possible.

Each year around St. Patrick’s Day people make the Americanized traditional dish for this holiday, corned beef. The problem with corned beef is you boil it and it comes out not looking like the prettiest dish. It’s also not very tender.

Years ago, an Irish-American woman taught me the trick to making tender corned beef. Here it is with Savoy cabbage for a lighter taste. This could not be any easier.


1 corned beef brisket
1 head of Savoy cabbage
1 jar of whole grain mustard


Boil corned beef with the spice pack according to package directions. When a knife slides through it easily, it is done. Chop the cabbage in chunks and add to the pot for 5 minutes. Remove to a cookie sheet with the cabbage around it and broil the beef fat side up about 4 inches under the heat for 7 to 10 minutes, or until the fat cap on it has shrunk and what is left is crispy goodness. If the cabbage starts to brown too much, flip the cabbage over with tongs. Slice beef thinly and serve with the cabbage and mustard.


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