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It’s time to hit The Bricks

Every once in a while, I come across inspired people and they restore my faith in creative menus with an atmosphere to match. The Bricks is a space filled with history. If only the brick walls and tin ceiling could talk! I’m sure there would be some great Ybor stories to tell.


It’s an “eclectic meets trendy” atmosphere with a seamless crowd. Young professionals and families mingle with the more edgy tattooed, pierced crowd in a big-city kind of way. The art on the walls also gives testament and tribute to local culture.

They opened not long ago after a lengthy renovation of the space. The video below gives some justice to the fact that opening a restaurant is not a simple task.
The successful renovation is paired with a menu that really works and is affordably priced.  When you eat out as often as I do, one gets tired of the same old offerings. Here are some of the things currently on the menu:
The Pitamonkey ($4) – Sliced bananas, brie and raisins on toasted pita bread.
Honey Bourbon Bbq Pig Quesadilla ($7) – Smoked cheddar, onion, roasted peppers, cilantro, avocado cream, and, of course, shredded pork.

Kinky Tuna ($12) – Wasabi pea and pistachio-crusted Ahi seared rare with “kinky” lemongrass cream


Honey Bourbon Bbq Pig Quesadilla
When I visited, I was ready for something different, so I ordered the Bird and Pig Sandwich ($8). Admittedly, the description sounds odd; roasted chicken with bacon, brie, crisp apple and agave nectar on pressed Hawaiian sweet bread. The flavors did work though. The brie and apple made sense, but I wasn’t so sure about the bread and the mystery nectar. It tasted great and was pressed, giving the brie that perfect spreadable quality, blending it with the other components. (I had already eaten half of it when I remembered to take a picture of it for you.)
Bird and Pig Sandwich
The Honey Bourbon Bbq Pig Quesadilla didn’t disappoint either. It was stacked full of “pig” with a pleasant kick and not-too-sweet-flavor. Part of their menu has an “ode to Elvis” feel with the Peanut Butter Bar. Diners can choose their own bread and peanut butter or go with the standard Elvis; peanut butter, banana, bacon, honey and white toast.
Kahwa coffee is served in unique, individual mugs. I hear you can bring your own and be part of the mug hall of fame. They have a full coffee bar with espresso shots, flavored shots, lattes and the like. They’ve also got some flavored iced teas, beer and wine.
Local Art Adorns the Walls
The space is not only pretty to look at, but artists display their works there offering conversation pieces for diners. This restaurant is just a comfortable place to be with a good vibe. My only regret is I didn’t try this yet:


The Bricks of Ybor is located at 1327 E. 7th Avenue in Ybor City. They are open Sunday – Wednesday 11am to 9pm, Thursday – Saturday 11am to 11pm. (813) 247-1785

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