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Gulf Voices heard on Capitol Hill today

WASHINGTON – Residents of Florida, Alabama and Louisiana converged on Capitol Hill today to convey to senators what they are going through in the gulf states, discussing loss of jobs and tourism dollars as well as concerns over health due to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico .

Gulf Voices was little more than just an idea a week ago. Environmental groups such as Repower America, the Florida Wildlife Federation and many others united to form The Clean Energy Works Coalition. The Coalition decided it was time to put a “face” on the disaster in the Gulf.

People from all different career backgrounds came up to Washington to discuss how the oil spill has personally affected them. Today they met with a few senators for meetings, so Congress can begin to understand the impact. Then Gulf Voices held a press conference on the Hill at 3pm.¬†Jars of water from different parts of the Gulf were on display, showing the oily-filmy mess floating in the water. The CHA of Tradewinds Resort, Keith Overton, spoke about the serious financial impact this is having on their reservations and the tourism industry in Florida, despite the fact that “not one drop of oil” has touched our beaches in Pinellas County.

The aim here is to push forward new legislation for clean energy sources in July. However, there still seems to be no plan to stop the oil flow at Deepwater Horizon.

Here is a photo taken at the press conference by Reuters:

http://www.fotoglif.com/f/e5y4e4rfjs6j (You’ll have to cut and paste the link, but this is a pretty amazing photo.)

Here are some other photos from today:

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