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Food around town and at home over the past few weeks – Part One

It’s been a busy time, but I did manage to eat now and then! Here are some places you might like to visit, and recipes you may want to try at home.




After discussing genetically modified produce on my site, I tried to find an alternative place for you to buy produce. Rollin’ Oats pictured above, has an extensive display of organic fruits and vegetables. In fact, I could not find one selection that was not organic.

It took a while, but I finally got around to having lunch at Emilio’s. This is the French Onion Soup. They are very generous with the cheese and the soup has the usual bread crouton underneath. The flavors were traditional although it was slightly sweet for my taste. Nearly every table was filled when I went there yet the service was still polite. They make a big effort at getting your food to your table quickly in time to eat over a lunch break and the prices are reasonable with most individual portions under $10.

One of their quiches of the day
The quiche was one of the most unique I’ve had. It was definitely more cheese than anything else and the crust looked like it was made from their croissants. It was one slice, but it was very rich. This one had tomatoes and spinach in it. I was unable to finish the whole thing.
An array of artisanal breads at Messineo’s Gourmet Market
Messineo’s had a sampling of some of their pastas a couple of weeks ago and I stopped in to try them. While I was there, I noticed these beautiful breads. There’s not enough good, crusty bread around these days, so I was very happy to see a local place that actually cares about carrying decent bread.
Tortellini sampling at Messineo’s
These tortellini are fresh pastas from their refrigerated case. One in particular stood out and that was the mushroom and cheese. It had a very meaty quality to it and at first I thought it could be veal. For those looking for a tasty meatless dish, I’d give those a try.
Have a look at this beautiful display of fresh pastas at Messineo’s
For folks who started out selling bulk dry goods at the farmer’s market, they’ve come a long way at Messineo’s. They have quite a few desserts as well, including a tiramisu made in Italy. It comes with the glass it is served in. The flavor of it was unlike any tiramisu I’ve had in the states. The quality of the mascarpone in it was outstanding.
Fray’s donuts are being carried all around town at convenience stores
Every once in a while, I’ve got to have my donut fix and Fray’s always does the job. They can be found at several places in the area, most of them Rally Stores. They are light and fluffy, with that background of yeast you can smell across the room.
Crepes at the Dougherty house
Speaking of breakfast, every once in a while my son asks me to make crepes. He loves to eat them like roll-ups as a little snack. Go figure. When you make a batch of these, you’ll have around 15-20 crepes, depending on how thin you make them. (That’s always the challenge, isn’t it?) With some practice, you can just flip them in the pan instead of having to use a spatula.
I’ve got even more pictures from around town to share with you. Look for those here, soon.

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