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Columbian food at La Moon in Miami

My son and I stopped in for some Columbian food in Miami. Mostly I just wanted an arepa which is a snack made with pre-cooked cornmeal and stuffed with cheese or other items.





Then I became adventurous. I didn’t really understand what it was I was ordering. It’s called the Supermoon Perro.

Not for the faint of heart, it’s a Columbian-style hot dog split and dressed with cheese, ketchup, mustard, mayo, crushed chips and a hard boiled quail egg. It must be an acquired taste, because I could not get past one bite.

The arepa was pretty good and the cafe con leche was outstanding. Other patrons were eating skirt steak and other traditional dishes. I’d like to go back there and try some of the other entrees, like the churrasco skirt steak. Most entrees are served with red beans and rice and sweet plantains.

Mmm. Cafe con leche that rivals the best in Tampa (sorry)

A juice from Columbia with pineapple and orange. My son loved it.


An arepa stuffed with mozzarella cheese

O M G The Supermoon Perro

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